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On this day.

Dad, Hamish in St.Ives, Cornwall.

On this day in 2008 my dad, Hamish MacDonald died aged 73. 

My dad had cancer and fought a losing battle for many months. During those months he painted and sketched as much as was physically possible. Some of his largest paintings were painted during this time. 

Near the end he donated some of the sketches he had done, while receiving treatment at the Beatson, to Glasgow’s University Medical School. Some of these sketches still hang in the atrium of the Wolfson building in Glasgow today. 

He said at the time “I am a firm believer in the power that art has to inspire and help alleviate suffering and that it can play a key role in lessening the burden that illness brings.” 

I believe this is still very poignant  today, maybe even more so now after the struggles of the past 18 months and onwards. Art & Music has helped me and many others I know lessen the many burdens illness can bring.

My father’s art work and his bright pallet of colours & subjects always cheer me up. I hope you continue to enjoy my father’s artwork. 

Best wishes, 

Nicola MacDonald 

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