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Hamish MacDonald b.Jan1935-d.Sep2008

Hamish sketching at Padstow Harbour Sep.2007

Hamish MacDonald PAI (January 1935 – September 2008) Hamish sketching in Padstow, circa 2007. Hamish loved to be near the sea spending hours and hours sketching ‘harbours and shores’ from Ullapool to Padstow to Ischia. 

‘I don’t reinvent myself, the changes in my work are gradual, yet over time there has been an unconscious stripping away of superfluous details. I begin with an idea and then the apinting starts to talk to me. There is a mercurial quality to my work, it is a mixture of a dialogue, between me, the canvas and the paint’s attributes-its texture, the tones and its depths.’ Hamish MacDonald September 2007